International Alliance For Youth Cooperation

The 2030 Agenda guides the efforts of all players towards sustainable development, in order to achieve economic, social and environmental progress without leaving anyone behind. It is a global commitment, adopted by governments, civil society and the international community, which requires the generation of inclusive alliances to be implemented.

Achieving a sustainable development is impossible without young people as protagonists. Today the world is home to 1.8 billion people between 15 and 29 years old, who make up the largest generation of young people in history. Therefore, investment in youth is profitable and brings value to society. When you invest in youth, the benefits are circular because the current generations will be in charge of investing in future ones. When you invest in youth, the benefits last over time and multiply for at least 50 years. When you invest in youth, the changes are profound and of paramount significance. Consequently, greater investment in youth allows us to move towards inclusive and fair communities.

To address the global call for sustainable development, positioning young people as its main protagonists, the International Youth Organisation (OIJ) promotes the International Youth Cooperation Alliance as an instrument for linking players who are committed to youth development.

The OIJ believes that together we can go further and that the most effective way to generate significant changes for young people is to join efforts, complement resources and exchange knowledge and experiences. Therefore, the participation of the Alliance’s partners contributes to improve the living conditions of young people and to build their life projects with autonomy.

In this Alliance, which has the participation of over 84 players, their role is of essence. Therefore, we invite you to join in.

What is the International Alliance for Youth Cooperation?

It is an instrument, promoted by OIJ, through which all players (governments, international organisations, civil society organisations, academia and the private sector) coordinate efforts and resources, complement actions and expand impacts in favour of the development of young people.

It is an instrument for the useful and versatile cooperation, that contributes to the reduction of gaps in the development and well-being of young people, through strategies that transcend the borders of the States and link the public agenda with the civil society agenda.

It is an inclusive and participative instrument that prevents duplicating efforts and promotes the sustainability of investment oriented to young people, following the guiding principles of cooperation (Declaration, 2005, Busan Declaration, 2011).

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What are the objectives of the International Alliance for Youth Cooperation?

  • Strengthening the role of young people as agents of transformation, within the framework of the 2030 Agenda and global and regional instruments on youth.
  • Generating synergies among players who are committed to youth development, benefiting from comparative advantages and preventing the duplication of efforts under the guiding principles of cooperation.
  • Promoting complementarity between actions implemented in youth, reinforcing and expanding their impacts.