In order to help reduce the development gaps in Latin America and to improve the living conditions and capacities ofyoung people in the region, there is a need for collaborative initiatives that cross the borders of States. Therefore, the International Alliance for Youth Co-operation seeks to be an instrument for coordinating efforts and participating in joint actions (governments of developed and developing countries, international organizations, civil society organizations, academy and the private sector) in favour of young people.

The 6 characteristics of its operation

Major actors

¿Why is it an opportunity to join the Alliance?

Specifically, the benefits of participation in the Alliance can be seen in the following aspects:

Support programs and projects that have been endorsed by governments and youth leaders in Latin America and respond to national development strategies.


Contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives and goals established in the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable


Focus on actions for a greater impact that benefits the region and that surpasses the logic of isolated
and specific initiatives that are not aligned with the different countries.


Invest in meaningful actions aligned with the priorities that have been stipulated by the countries of the
region in the Ibero-American Youth Pact.


Promotion of integration and triangular cooperation in support of South-South cooperation.


To have access to the knowledge, experiences and good practices that are developed in Ibero-
America in matters of cooperation and in youth issues.


Facilitate the exchange of good practices and knowledge on cooperation in youth.


As a result, the International Alliance for Youth Cooperation becomes an instrument through which it can continue contributing to the fulfillment of SDG and the reduction of development gaps in Latin American countries,
through participation and support of projects supported by the countries in the region and aligned with their
respective national development strategiesJoin the Alliance.


Join the Alliance